Business Expectations Index for ČSOB

We are experts in financial sector communications. Thanks to our extensive experience in cooperating with leading financial names in the country over the long term, we have great insight into what the future holds for the Czech business environment. In partnership with research agency Datank, we regularly collect, analyse and comment on data on the prevalent mood among small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Our Business Expectations Index provides our client ČSOB with unique content that informs the bank’s media profile.

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“For the benefit of ČSOB, we maintain a respected economic indicator that informs the bank’s values and management.”

Concept worthy of a bank

ČSOB needed an effective, long-term communication concept that would generate extensive exposure in financial, news and lifestyle media outlets at minimal cost. We came up with the idea of the Business Expectations Index, a continuous project that regularly gauges the prevailing mood among small and medium sized businesses and its likely direction in coming months.

The project was launched in 2013. Several times a year, it presents a set of topics and questions to its target group:
– entrepreneurs and potential clients of the bank are asked how the future is looking in their particular sector, what expectations they have for their financial situation and what they believe they should prepare for. The Business Expectations Index has won the attention of the media and public to a tremendous degree. It has thus become a pillar of ČSOB’s corporate communication.

What are Czech business people like?

We engage various media outlets in our project. They can put their own questions to respondents and use the answers to create content for their readers. We have established this form of cooperation, for example, with dailies MF Dnes and Hospodářské noviny. Various TV and radio stations also regularly report on the Business Expectations Index. What’s more, the topics examined by the survey are not limited to the economy. Opinions are also garnered on current affairs, for instance. That makes the survey even more attractive to the media as it can be interpreted as an indicator of Czech business people’s lifestyles.

Over the years, the Business Expectations Index has become a respected barometer that is based on authentic responses from the SMB community. For ČSOB, the survey delivers data that provide the bank with an opportunity to assume the desired media profile and strengthen its standing as a financial expert that offers a thorough understanding of the Czech SMB landscape.





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