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Billions for Czech sport

We helped Czech sport maintain its level of funding and therefore its scope and development in the country. We became the voice of the sport unions. We reminded everyone that “Stars don’t fall from the sky” with the help of a number of Olympians, World Champions and sport ambassadors – they too began their respective careers in local sports clubs. With the support of the public and media, we succeeded in protecting the necessary funding in a record-braking time.

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“With the help of Olympians and World Champions, we convinced the public to pressure lawmakers who eventually legislated in favour of the sport unions.”

Stories of stars of sport

In the 50 days afforded to us, we had to stop Parliament from taking away, without any compensation, a substantial source of funding for thousands of sport clubs that comes from mandatory payments made by lottery companies. The campaign therefore emphasised the absence of a system of funding for youth sport and turned the situation around.

The sport unions joined forces and formed the Český sport 2011 initiative operating under the auspices of the Czech Olympic Committee. Together, we developed a communication project named “Stars don’t fall from the sky”. The project presented the stories of successful athletes, well-known and admired by the public, emphasising that each of them began their sporting career at a local level. None of the sporting stars fell from the sky. The campaign served as a reminder that they all started at a local sport club before becoming champions.

Universal impact

Photos of sporting stars along with authentic quotes supporting the campaign’s key message helped to attract the public’s attention and support. We launched a website carrying a request form which people were able to sign before its delivery by e-mail directly to MPs. The short time available for the campaign also called for addressing the lawmakers in additional ways, such as by letter, on social networks and through a happening that was staged in front the parliament building.

We issued special postcards with the appeal and the address of the Parliament’s lower chamber. The postcards were distributed in the streets and inserted in newspapers. Special merchandising was created for the main faces of the campaign. Before the campaign ended, the Speaker of the lower chamber received a petition with the signatures of 30,000 people supporting our cause. The lower chamber eventually left the payments to the sport unions intact; later on, the Senate rejected the whole legislative amendment and left the manner of funding in its previous form.

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