We’ve a recipe for success

The project “150 years of Nestlé: Recipe for success” took the form of a year-long company celebration. It emphasised the history and values of this traditional brand. Collaborating with our creative studio Astronautlab, we targeted audiences otherwise likely to fail to notice the company’s anniversary. In addressing both employees and the wider public, we utilised some unconventional tools, such as a special cook book, exhibitions and a competition for designers.

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“An integrated communication campaign extended over the whole year and addressing consumers as well as business partners and employees.”

Engaging the public as well as business partners

The objective was to strengthen Nestlé’s image and emphasise the company’s long and successful tradition in Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The campaign was directed at both consumers and business partners, and served in HR marketing as well. We explained why Nestlé is the world’s biggest food company and the source of its success. We also accepted the challenge of combining the promotion of the 150-years global anniversary with advertising 120 years of Orion, Nestlé’s major local brand.

An overarching slogan was chosen for the campaign in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: “Recipe for success”. The slogan best represented the combination of the food company and its popularity with consumers. Our approach to the whole communication included traditional PR tools, such as press releases, media relations and events. The traditional tools were supported by unconventional creative presentation materials – a “cook book” in printed and digital versions, including an animated video spot. At the company’s plants, we utilised the campaign’s branding on outdoor (out-of-home, OOH) media and on a “wish book” for employees.

Partnership with the National Gallery

Promoting the anniversary, we succeeded in emphasising Nestlé’s rich history, present standing and CSR activities. The latter includes support for visual arts and design. We announced a competition for designers to create packaging for a limited edition of Kofila chocolates and established a partnership with the National Gallery for its exhibition Zdenek Rykr a továrna na čokoládu [Zdenek Rykr and the Chocolate Factory]. As part of its celebration, Nestlé also presented some of its brands at the Retro exhibition in the National Museum in Prague, underlining its traditions in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to a unified idea coupled with the targeting of a variety of audiences, the campaign captured the attention of media across the board, including outlets for whom Nestlé’s 150th anniversary would otherwise have been worth only a two-line report.

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