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Invest in the Sun

Photon Energy, previously little-known on the Czech market, arrived on a subsidiary market of the Prague Stock Exchange in great style: the early days saw the company’s share price increase by 40 percent, investors trading more than half a million shares and the company obtaining capital for its development. There’s no doubt that our intensive communication was a factor in the success

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“The share price increased by 40 percent in the early days, and investors purchased half a million shares in the first five days of trading.”

Sparking investors’ interest

How do you capture the media’s attention with a topic so unexceptional as a share issue on a subsidiary market of the Czech stock exchange? The near impossibility of the assignment was compounded by the fact that the issuer operates in the solar business, a sector that has had a less than positive reputation in the country. But we found a way.

Photon Energy lacked recognition outside the sphere of specialised media. The company needed to stimulate interest among investors and news media ahead of the planned share issue, to be followed by an issue of bonds on the Czech market. We started off with a press conference for news media and followed up with a series of one-on-one meetings and interviews that presented Photon Energy as a successful business enjoying a healthy financial standing and with a plan to expand in Australia.

Continued media interest

The key to achieving success rested in formulating a relevant “growth story” and presenting it to key stakeholders. We created a microsite that supported the actual transaction and advertised through an additional online campaign. Once the share issue was announced we presented the company’s strategy with the help of selected analysts. And finally, we distributed a direct mail message among stockbrokers and portfolio managers summarising the benefits of Investing in the Sun.

The outcome? In the first two days, the share price added 40 percent. In five days, Photon Energy traded more than 500,000 shares and acquired enough funding to conquer Australia. Photon Energy thus joined those businesses that are regularly monitored by analysts and capital market journalists. The result meant that our campaign won first place in the Financial Market and Financial Services category at the Czech PR Awards

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