Pilsner Urquell

Most valuable bottle of Czech beer

We assisted the legendary Pilsner Urquell brand when it organised a charitable auction of original beer bottles. We presented unique creations of Czech designers and glassmakers, contacted potential bidders and together with Pilsner Urquell succeeded in collecting a record-breaking amount for the benefit of Centrum Paraple.

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“Acting on behalf of Pilsner Urquell, we auctioned 11 original beer bottles and were delighted to hand over an amount of CZK 1 683 145 to Centrum Paraple.”

New impulse for a traditional event

Pilsner Urquell traditionally organises auctions of bottles as part of its charitable activities: a limited number of items of artistic value go under the hammer on news server iDnes ahead of Christmas, with the proceeds handed over by the brewery’s employees to Centrum Paraple, which provides assistance to people with disabilities. However, a sense of routine had begun to creep into the calendar event, meaning our task was fairly clear-cut: freshen up the event with a new impulse, address a new target group and collect more money than achieved with previous auctions.

We succeeded in ticking all the boxes. The auction was organised in partnership with media house MAFRA. And we managed to connect with an even wider audience: the auction was mentioned at a range of events in which Pilsner Urquell participated. The designer bottles bound for the auction were presented to a group of affluent potential bidders at a Forbes gala, at a performance of Don Giovanni at Prague’s Estates’ Theatre and at an exhibition at the Moser glassworks showroom.

Public interest, winning recognition from experts

We drew attention to auctions held in previous years and the designers of the bottles-for-auction and organised a contest to guess what the highest auction bid would be. The promotion of the auction engaged the people directly involved in brewing and looking after the quality of Pilsner lager beer. It was also promoted on social networks with the help of influencers.

Our communication drew on the power of the Pilsner Urquell brand, the tradition of the charitable auction and the strength of the event’s partner, Moser glassworks, another traditional Czech brand. The approach helped to ensure that both national and regional media and websites carried reports about the occasion. We also addressed potential bidders directly. Our work earned considerable appreciation from the public as well as industry experts, who awarded it second place in the Czech PR Awards. However, the most important outcomes were the final amount collected for Centrum Paraple and the boost to Pilsner Urquell’s renown.

1,683,145 CZK


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